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Client Comparison


Options Modern Web
Theme Selector
Custom Theme Creator
Show popup notifications for chats
Show popup notifications for new visitors
Able to logout when computer locked
Able to show all current visitors on start
Show other user's chats
Custom greeting
Custom transfer message
Notification sounds
Font selector
Office 365 integration
Change password

User Interface

Options Modern Web
Status selector
Custom status
Keyboard shortcuts
UI language selector
Chats view
Closed chats view
Missed chats view
Team view
Sites view
Files view


Options Modern Web
Previous chats
CRM tab
Custom client form
Visitor details
Follow page
Contact details
Close chat
User/group transfer
Skill transfer
Request monitoring
Email transcript
Save transcript
Copy transcript
Canned responses
Send file
Receive file
Show typing suggestions
Canned response keyword suggestions
Canned response auto response
Visitor typing indicator
Vistor typing preview
Add text as canned response
Speak text
Copy text
Request assistance
File transfer suggestions
Dynamic fields
Wrap up
Real-time sentiment analysis


Options Modern Web
Monitor all
Monitor chat
Acquire chat
View connected agents
Set agent status
Force logout agent
Send global message
Send message to agent

Missed Chats

Options Modern Web
View missed chats
Close missed chats
Respond to missed chats
Callback missed chats
View callbacks
Respond to callback


Options Modern Web
Active visitors
Manual send invite
View previous visits
Filter previous visits
Export previous visits
View previous chats
Filter previous chats
Export previous chats
Search chats
Export chat search results
View reports
Export reports


Options Modern Web
Upload new file
Download file
Pin file
Get file link
Preview file
Delete file

Canned Responses

Options Modern Web
My canned responses
Export canned responses
Import canned responses
View canned responses
New canned response
Edit canned response
Delete canned response
Edit keywords
Select attachment